About Our Founder

Angelo A. DiGangi, Esq. is a Grandfather, Father, Son and a member of a Jesuit parish. Angelo is a teacher. Upon completing his legal education as a member of the inaugural class of the City University of New York School of Law, Angelo A. DiGangi, Esq. began his professional career as a University of Berkeley, Southern California Fellow. There is no better professionally written way to describe Angelo A. DiGangi, Esq. then how the, American Bar Association’s states within their, “Delivery of Legal Services; Innovative Programs to Help People of Modest Means Obtain Legal Help”.

“Angelo DiGangi wrote the blueprints for the Preventive Legal Services for the Elderly Program in New York City. In 1988, Mr. DiGangi founded the Community Advocacy Center Inc., (CAC). CAC was established to make society aware of the socio-economic and legal problems which affect senior citizens. The Community Advocacy Center has as its specific goal to work with foundations, universities and community leaders in order to stimulate the development of Preventive Law for the Elderly Programs throughout the United States. Preventive Law is based on the concept that the best legal service most often accomplished through educating a target population. To this end, Mr. DiGangi established the Legal Awareness Clinic. Staff Lawyers, inters and volunteers go into senior citizen centers to lecture on various topics of law which affect the senior population. After such lectures, there is an opportunity provided for private consultation, with any senior citizen who feels she/he may be in need of assistance. Mr. DiGangi is also the founder of the Legal Awareness Bulletin, a newsletter which is distributed quarterly to over 10,000 seniors throughout New York City. DiGangi established annual events such as Preventive Law Fair Day, the Annual Journal Dinner Dance, a Night Out Against Crime for Seniors, and New York City conferences on aging as well as law school, college and high school courses in Preventive Law.

Mr. DiGangi has taught at the grade school, high school, college and graduate level. Mr. DiGangi received international recognition for his peace efforts and love for humanity from the Lt. Petrosino International Association Padula, Italy and an award as Arbitrator of the Year by the New York City Court System. Angelo A. DiGangi, Esq. is a 4th degree Knight of Columbus earning his patriotic degree. He also received the Raoul Wallenberg Humanitarian Award.